MeerKAT Galaxy Cluster Legacy Survey Data Release 1 (MGCLS DR1)

The first data release of the MeerKAT Galaxy Cluster Legacy Survey (MGCLS) consists of the uncalibrated visibilities, a set of continuum imaging products, and several source catalogues. All clusters have Stokes-I products, and approximately 40% have Stokes-Q and U products as well. For full details, including caveats for usage, see the survey overview and DR1 paper (Knowles et al., 2021).

When using any of the below products, please cite Knowles et al. (2021) and include the following Observatory acknowledgement: "MGCLS data products were provided by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory and the MGCLS team and were derived from observations with the MeerKAT radio telescope. The MeerKAT telescope is operated by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory, which is a facility of the National Research Foundation, an agency of the Department of Science and Innovation."

The DR1 products:

There are several source catalogues made available with the DR1 products, with excerpts provided in Tables in the DR1 paper.

This data release was issued on 11 November 2021